Scuba Diver FAQ

NAUI Scuba Diver Schedule and Frequently Asked Questions

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Open Water Courses

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**Open Water Classes subject to minimum class size requirement of 4 persons**

Frequently asked questions for the beginning NAUI Scuba Diver course:

What happens on the first night of class?

We will be in the pool on the first night, so please bring swimwear to change into.  You won’t need any of your personal scuba gear for the first lecture on Thursday, but you will need it for the following Tuesday.

What gear do I need for this course?

Personal Gear: You’ll be required to provide your own snorkel, fins, mask, booties, and gloves for the course. If you need to purchase them, they’re available at local shops for about $100-$150 and up for the whole set. On the first night (Thursday), we will give a lecture about how to select your personal gear and try it on properly. We will also list a few local shops that you can check for prices and availability, so that you will have until the next Tuesday to purchase personal gear. We stress that you have all your gear by that first Tuesday night, so you can begin getting comfortable using your own gear. For more info on selecting your mask, snorkel, and fins, please see also . **If you choose to shop ahead of time (online), ensure that gear can be easily exchanged in case it doesn’t fit right or will not work for the class.**  We provide all of your other scuba gear for all of the class pool sessions.

Example Gear:

Mask – Any SCUBA/Snorkeling mask will do. Low volume masks are easier to clear. Low profile masks have better range of sight. Class favorite: Cressi Big Eyes ($26)

Fins – Open-heeled Paddle Fins (TUSA Liberator, Aeris Velocity, Cressi Frog Fins, etc – $40-60); Open-heeled Split Fins (Mares Raptor, Oceanic Vortex V-12, *Apollo Bio-Fin* – 100-160). **BE SURE to get SCUBA fins that fit properly over your booties and not snorkeling fins, which are too weak to propel SCUBA gear**

Snorkel – Any SCUBA/Snorkeling snorkel will do. **AVOID snorkels with large gizmos on them designed to keep water out – they are simply a marketing ploy and will cause you more headaches in the end** Snorkels often are available in combo set with masks making them essentially free, but can be purchased loose for about $5-10. Buy a rubber snorkel keeper to protect your investment; ditch those plastic clips.

Booties – Any 5mm rubber soled booties will do. Zippers make things easier. These should fit like a sock – snug, but comfortable. ~$25

Gloves – Although not necessary for the pool, gloves are typically not rented. If they are, the difference between the cost of renting and buying is small. Any 5mm gloves will do. Velco wrist straps are nice. Kevlar (bullet proof vest material) wrapped fingertip and palms will extend the life of your gloves significantly. ~$20 (~$35 for kevlar)

Ocean Dives: For the ocean dives in Monterey, you’ll be required to rent the remainder of your gear at a cost of about $60-$85 total for the whole weekend. Again we will mention several places to rent gear during the first lecture so that you can compare prices, availability, and locations that may work best for you.

Text: We also suggest but do not require the NAUI Scuba Diver textbook, ISBN 0-9679903-0-0, which may be purchased new from , or is sometimes available used online (Amazon,,, eBAY).

Are there any other costs in addition to gear?
You’ll need a place to stay the Saturday night of our Monterey dive weekend, and a way to get there and back. We encourage students to share rooms and carpool together.

Economical Hotel Suggestions (From our Students):

Monterey – El Adobe Inn (831) 372-5409

Salinas – Motel6 Salinas North (831) 753-1711

If you have any other questions, feel free to email us at .


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