Northern California SCUBA Conditions related links:

NOAA / National Weather Service Marine Forecasts for San Francisco and Monterey Bay Area

This page contains a lot of links to weather information for Northern California Divers. Of particular interest are the Synopsis and Monterey Bay choices under COASTAL MARINE FORECASTS at the top of the page.

Northern California Offshore Buoys

These buoys have a lot of data, particularly on wave height, period, and direction, that can be very helpful for planning dives. NDBC buoy 46042 is the most relevant for diving in Monterey and Carmel; take a look at the wave height, dominant wave period, and mean wave direction plots for this buoy.

Scripps/UCSD Coastal Data Information Program

This page is awesome. Check out pretty much everything along the left side, including the latest nowcast and latest forecast for Monterey Bay, which show detailed maps of the coastline with predicted wave heights and directions, allowing you to see which shore diving sites are sheltered and which are exposed, currently and in the next few days.

Monterey County Health Department Beach Status

The health department sometimes closes beaches in Monterey due to high bacterial counts from excessive runoff, rarely but particularly after heavy rains. You can check your planned site here.

NOAA Tides and Currents Tide Plots

Monterey is station 9413450.


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