Advanced FAQ

Upcoming Classes:

NEXT CLASS OCTOBER 15-16, 2011- contact Mark at divebetter at gm a il dot com for more information.

NAUI Advanced Scuba Diver Schedule and Frequently Asked Questions.

What gear do I need for this course? It’s best to have your own snorkel, fins, mask, booties, and gloves for this course, although they can be rented. These are items that are typically required for a basic scuba diving course, which is a prerequisite to this course. Additionally, you will need two sources of underwater light, a primary and a backup, as well as a marker (glowstick) and a compass. Lights and compasses can also be rented, and we can provide a few to students who don’t have them, only with advance arrangement.

Are there any other costs in addition to gear? You’ll need a place to stay the Friday and Saturday nights of our Monterey dive weekend, and a way to get there and back. For this course we typically stay in Monterey at the Lone Oak Lodge, where a room that sleeps four goes for around $120 total (although you’re free to stay wherever you like), and encourage students to share rooms and carpool together. You’ll also need the NAUI Advanced Scuba Diver textbook, ISBN 0-9679903-3-5, which may be purchased new from, or is sometimes available used online.


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